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What is an e-bill?

E-bill is short for "electronic bill". You receive your e-bills where you pay them: directly in your e-banking system.

E-bill is simple. You no longer have to type long reference numbers into your e-banking system. Instead, you check and pay your bills with a few clicks of the mouse. With e-bill, you not only save time but you never have to receive any bills on paper again.

Over 1000 companies and public authorities offer e-bill. And more than a million e-banking customers have opted for e-bill. When will you join them?

With e-bill you receive, check and pay your bills directly in your e-banking system – it's convenient, fast and paperless.

This is how it works
With e-bill you receive, check and pay your bills directly in your e-banking system – it's convenient, fast and paperless.

What are the advantages of paying by e-bill?



No more laborious, error-prone typing of reference numbers, invoice amounts and account information into your e-banking system.



Pay by e-bill with a few clicks of the mouse.



E-bills go straight to your e-banking system. You no longer receive paper bills.



You can check and approve the e-bill, or simply reject it if there are any errors.



E-bill is as secure as your e-banking system.

How to sign up for the e-bill service

Log into e-banking

Log into your e-banking system.

Sign up for e-bill

Select "e-bill" from the menu and sign up to receive electronic bills by e-banking in just a few steps. (Does not apply for PostFinance e-banking customers.)

Select the billers

From the list of billers, select the companies from which you would like to receive e-bills in the future. From now on, you will receive all your bills from the selected companies in the form of e-bills only.

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How you receive and pay your e-bills

  • After logging into your e-banking system, you will see at a glance if any new e-bills have arrived.
    Tip: With many banks, you can ask to be sent an e-mail notification when a new e-bill arrives.

  • In order to pay, proceed as follows: Click on the e-bill you want to pay. Your e-bill already contains all the payment-related information, such as the account number of the company, the amount invoiced and the reference number. You don't have to type anything else in. Just select the account you want the money to be debited from and amend the amount and execution date if necessary. Then you simply click to confirm payment. You can decline the e-bill if it contains any errors. You biller will be informed that you have declined payment.
    Tip: Many banks offer standing approval for the payment of e-bills. Standing approval allows you to pay your e-bills even more easily.
  • You can download the e-bill as a PDF via a secure link in e-banking and store it on your computer or print it out.

  • Many banks also allow you to process e-bills via their e-banking apps.

  • The list of billers just keeps on growing. Tip: Check regularly whether new billers of interest to you have been added. You should also look out for special notices in your e-banking system when you are paying a paper bill. You will be alerted if the biller offers e-bill. 

Does my bank offer this service?

E-bill is an established feature of e-banking at most banks. Check here to see whether your bank is on the list.

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Who can I pay by e-bill?

Over 1000 companies and public authorities make it easier for you to pay by offering you e-bill. See if your billers are included.

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