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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What do I need to receive e-bills?

You require a computer with an Internet connection and an e-banking agreement with a bank that supports e-billing. A list of participating banks is available here.

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How do I register with my bank to receive e-bills?

-          Log in to your e-banking system.

-          Select "e-bill" from the menu and sign up to receive electronic bills by e-banking in just a few steps. This step is not required for e-finance customers of PostFinance.

-          From the list of billers, select the companies from which you would like to receive e-bills in the future.

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How do I register with a biller to receive e-bills?

There are two options:

1) Via the list of billers in e-banking

Click on "E-Bills" in the e-banking menu and then on "Billers". Now you can see a list of all companies that send e-bills to e-banking customers. Select the company from which you would in future like to receive e-bills and complete the registration form. Repeat this step until you have registered for e-bills with all the companies you require.

Tip: When completing the registration form, make sure you have your personal data (e.g. customer or bill number) to hand.

2) Direct registration in e-banking

Do you find yourself entering payment orders by hand when the biller could have sent an e-bill? If so, after you have entered the bill you will receive a link that takes you directly to the registration page for e-bills.

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What do I do if I have any questions on registering with a biller?

Please contact the biller in question directly.

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Can I also switch my e-bills to another bank?

Yes, this is possible provided you are switching from one bank that is connected to the SIX Paynet Ltd e-billing system to another.

However, if you are switching from a Swiss bank to PostFinance or vice versa, you have to de-register from all billers in the old e-banking system and then re-register with them in the new e-banking system.

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Can I deactivate e-billing?

Yes. You can deactivate e-billing in the "E-Bills" menu in your e-banking. 

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Who should I contact if I am unable to register for e-bills in e-banking?

Please contact your bank directly.

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